Digital art, character design and fan works.

Commissions (Open)

Rates, resources and samples.

> 15% off all FFXIV-themed commissions! (ends 07/30)


General questions, terms and personal insights.


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Commissions (Open)

> 15% off all FFXIV-themed commissions! (ends 07/30)

🡶 To request a commission, please refer to this Google Form or reach out to me directly.

For a list of what I will and won't draw, check out this link.
For more examples of my work, please visit my tumblr!


Flat Color$30+
Rendered Color$50+

Half Body

Flat Color$60+
Rendered Color$80+

Full Body

Flat Color$90+
Rendered Color$140+

oc sheets

Cel Shaded$250+



🡶 What subjects will I draw?

  • Humanoid Characters

  • Monstrous Characters

  • Horror and Gore

  • Tattoo Designs

  • Fandom Characters

  • NSFW & Fetish Content

  • Dynamic & Action Poses

  • Pin-Up Poses

🡶 What subjects will I refuse to draw?

  • Underaged and/or "Shota" Content

  • Celebrity Shipping (Youtubers, streamers, etc. If they're a real person, I prefer not to draw them in fandom situations.)

  • Complex Backgrounds

  • Hatecrime Depictions

  • Filth Fetishes

Commission process


You must 18+ in order to commission me. This is non-negotiable.

🡶 How do you commission me?

The simplest way to begin the commission process is through my Google Form. There you'll find all of my terms of service and another brief price list for you to reference.

If you're unsure as to the nature of your piece or any potential upcharges due to complexity and/or multiple characters, I'm most accessible through my Discord account: visceradical#2570.

🡶 What happens after you submit your form?

I will contact you through your preferred method of contact within twenty-four hours. Once we've spoken and confirmed the details of your piece, I will send you an invoice via Paypal and you will be added to my Trello under Payment Due.

Full payment is due upfront before you will be added to my workflow queue. I only accept USD through Paypal.

🡶 How long is my average turnaround?

Extenuating circumstances aside, I do not anticipate a long turnaround on my pieces and will typically complete them within three weeks of receiving payment. That said, I reserve a full thirty days from the point of payment to complete your piece and any extensions on that time period will be conferred with you as soon as possible.

🡶 Can I get a refund on my piece?

A full refund may only be requested if 120 days have passed since the point of sale and I have not started any work on your piece. Partial refunds may be negotiated if your piece cannot be finished due to atypical circumstances (either client or artist based) once it has been started.

In the case of requesting a refund, please contact me personally! I will do what I can to accommodate your situation to the best of my ability.

🡶 What happens when my piece is finished?

Once your commission is complete (including all revisions), I will reach out to you through your preferred method of contact to finalize the process. I will also e-mail you the picture at the provided e-mail address in the form of a 400dpi PNG file. At this point, you are free to post it where ever you like so long as proper credit is linked back to me.

I will add your piece to my portfolio and post it to my social media accounts unless specifically asked not to.

🡶 What edits can I make to my finished piece?

Commissions are intended to be used as-is. While you are permitted to resize or crop an image as needed, I request that you do not make any alterations to the linework. In the instance that you have purchased a black and white piece, you are welcome to color it yourself but only if credit is linked to me for the linework when it is posted.

Removing my signature from a piece is strictly prohibited. Indications that my work has been heavily edited or has been used without proper credit may result in a blacklisting from further commissions.

Tools & Software

🡶 What program and/or brushes do I use?

Clip Studio Paint. Most of my brushes come from the Clip Studio Assets Store, and the remainder can be found on Gumroad. The standard G-Pen is my go-to for a majority of my pieces.

If you're looking for specific brushes featured in my work, feel free to reach out to me.

🡶 What model of tablet do I use?

A Huion H610 Pro. They're affordable and on Amazon.

Artist Faqs

🡶 How long have I been drawing for?

I began drawing as a self-taught hobby when I was a teenager, with big gaps of interest leading into adulthood. I shifted toward professional art in September of 2020.

🡶 What are my pronouns?

I identify as a transman. My pronouns are he/him.

🡶 Can I contact you personally?

Absolutely! I'm always willing to field questions or friendly banter. I prefer not to join large servers and will disregard any unsolicited invitations that come without explanation or good reason.